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How does it work?

Owner Finance Homes In Houston
  • Step # 1
    You meet with us at our office for a 20 min presentation or go to a scheduled webinar if you can't visit with us (from different city/state). If all is clear and you agree with terms, we sign an agreement. We assign you a Realtor who, at no additional cost to you, shows houses, writes offers and contracts, negotiates the best possible price for you and assists you on all other aspects.
  • Step #2
    You choose a home in a loanable condition from any house currently on the market. You are not limited to just a few for sale by owner houses. You can buy ANY home in ANY area!
  • Step #3
    Our investor purchases this house for you and immediately owner finances it to you. Same owner financing as if you purchased it from a relative. Easy and smooth transaction. Every transaction is transparent, with full disclosure and take place in a title company.
  • Step #4
    You get the keys and move in the house. Deed is recorded in your name at the County Courthouse. You are a Home owner!

The RC system©™

The RC system©™ was designed for people that cannot qualify for a traditional financing. It works anywhere in Texas without credit check and loan qualification. The only condition is at least 15% for a down payment.